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8 Workable Ways to Diminish The Online Risk


Technology is a blessing to the modern world. Currently, it is easy and quick to communicate, send money and view how the world is going on with a click of the button. Other benefits of the technology include teleconferencing which eliminates the need to travel and attend conferences and seminars. The overall effects of such changes are an increased convenience, ...

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A Few Things You Cannot Miss When Going On A Distant Road Trips

road trip

Your next road trip should be a thrilling thing for the whole family, but it is not that much fun if you are not prepared. Look over all the different ways you can prepare for your trip by getting the car ready, getting your packing done, and planning stops along the way. Each step on this list makes your road ...

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8 Types of Roofing to Consider For Your Next Home Improvement


A good roof can last decades, It’s an investment in your home that can increase its property value, make it more attractive, and help you improve the energy efficiency of your home by as much as 30%. But what kind of roof is best for you? Choosing a roof is a balancing act between practical needs and visual appeal. Here ...

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Choosing an Electrician for Industrial and Commercial Purposes


An industrial or commercial electrician is different from a normal electrician whom you require at home, so opting for one which is specifically an industrial electrician is saving on time and money. An industrial electrician is experienced in dealing with problems related to electricity in a commercial or industrial outlet; this is different from the electricity related problems faced at ...

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How to Make Your Home Stunning With Concrete Solutions

Concrete flooring

Both designers and homeowners have found concrete as one of the new flooring materials. Whether you are building a new home or are renovating your old home, concreting is definitely one of the best things you can do. These floors not only create an aesthetic appeal, but also add to the overall functionality of the floors. It is not only ...

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Why Home Décor is an Important Factor for Residential Properties

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by Kyla Camille | | We all have our own personal style and décor preferences, but much should you consider when it comes to buying a home? Most of us like to decorate and display our own style statement but at the same time we may not have so much time to invest in designing and decorating our own ...

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MIAS 2016: Your Ride to the Future


Easily the biggest and most anticipated automotive trade show in the country, auto enthusiasts and industry players are bound for a crazy good time as the annual Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) returns on April 7 to 10 at the combined venues of the World Trade Center and the Philippine Trade Training Center. Taking over 30,000 square meters of indoor ...

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New House, new Appliances in RCD Land’s CNY Celebration


by Kyla Camille | RCD Land, Inc., a real estate company that develops and markets affordable and quality housing projects will have a Grand Buyer’s Day on February 14 in TUY, BATANGAS. The RCD Royale Homes in Tuy, Batangas is the company’s latest real estate development project for 2016. The Grand Buyer’s Day will have a Chinese New Year as ...

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Buon Giorno! Caffe & Bistro at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay

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With its cool climate and beautiful scenery, Tagaytay remains of the city’s top destinations for families looking for a weekend getaway. And with the opening of Buon Giorno! Caffe & Bistro at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay, those looking for an Italian family feast this holiday season just had their Christmas wish granted! A short drive from the city center, along the ...

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Ali Unwin to run Neptune’s Global Technology fund

Alastair Unwin of Neptune

by Natalie Kenway, via Investment Week | Neptune Investment Management is launching a Global Technology fund, the first retail mandate to be run by its head of technology research Ali Unwin. Technological disruption across all investment sectors is a major theme for the group over the next decade, which led to the decision to launch a fund dedicated to investing in ...

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