Fifteen Cool Tips for Living in Small Spaces


By Joanna Goddard | via CupOfJo | Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves and Gardenista and her husband live together in seriously small quarters—a 240-square-foot studio, to be exact. She agreed to share her surprising tips about how to make it work (and not drive each other crazy)… 1. Maximize your windows. Drape your windows in a way that allows ...

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Eat, Dine, Enjoy at Hernatto Food Hub Las Pinas


LAS PINAS, Metro Manila | As Night Food Bazaars are beginning to expand in the South of Metro Manila, HERNATTO FOOD HUB “A Southern Taste” will open its doors on September 3, 2015 (Thursday) with and a Kick-Off Party on September 4 (Friday) together with our invited Bands, Celebrities, and Chefs that will be partying with us. Hernatto Food Food ...

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7 of the Most Beautifully Designed Restaurants in the World

Clockwise from top left: The Jane, Antwerp; Raw, Taipei; Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Paris; Asea Lounge, Santorini

by Charmaine Mok | While we’ll never be said to favour style over substance, there is always a place in our eyes for a beautiful restaurant – a place to see and be seen in. So we’re excited that this year’s Restaurant and Bar Design Awards shortlist has just been announced, and as usual it has served up an impressive collection ...

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Who Sleeps with their Phone in Their Hand? Americans are Guilty!

bed phone

by Homerun Nievera, SouthofMetro.com | A recent report on an African teenager who died apparently due to eletrocution from a phone charger sparked global interest on the nasty habit of sleeping your phone in your hand. Well, I don’t. Yeah, really. I sleep while my phones are being charged — away from me. Well, let’s put it at not more ...

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When Super Dads Hang Their Capes

Super Dads: Enic (with Martine) and Albert (with Alfonso)

by Lizette Barretto-Gueco, via FoodfindsAsia.com| What makes a Father, his children’s ultimate superhero?  Father, Papa, Dad or Daddy, these are just titles for someone who has children.  Any man can father a child and be called Daddy but it’s a diiferent brand of Daddy that can be called a Superdad with matching superpowers. It’s not in the way he talks ...

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Fun in the Sun at the ‘Tuen Ng’ Dragonboat Festival in Hong Kong

Fun at the races: the annual Dragonboat Race 2015 at Discovery Bay in Hong Kong

by Homerun Nievera, SouthofMetro.com | What good timing! A day before our flight back to Manila, we were able to catch the annual Dragonboat Race at the Tai Pak Beach, at the exclusive Hong Kong enclave of Discovery Bay. Discovery Bay residents, corporate professionals and race clubs formed 48 teams to compete in various races — about 8 races with 6 ...

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Escolta Interiors

By Ana Marie Aran | The Peninsula Manila celebrates Philippine Independence this month with a gastronomic FIESTA FILIPINO buffet at ESCOLTA.  From June 8-19, diners will be treated with select Filipino heirloom dishes prepared by guest Chef Myrna Segismundo. Chef Myrna, author of the well-loved Kulinarya book, is a passionate advocate of Filipino cuisine and was one of the key ...

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A Peak at Lizette Gueco’s Unique Hobby of Collecting Tea Cups

Photo credits: wattlelane.wordpress.com

by Lizette Barretto-Gueco, via FoodfindsAsia.com | Since I was a young child, I have been a collector of one thing or another.  I guess, “hoarder,” in a milder sense of the word is apt to describe me. (Maybe collectors are really just glorified hoarders.) From Barbie dolls to buttons to coins and stamps and anything with a sunflower on it, ...

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Organic Dining at Tapenade at Discovery Primea


by Ana Marie Aran, FoodfindsAsia.com | Several international and local food campaigns like Meatless Mondays, Mindful Eating and Slow Food Movement coupled with the tireless efforts of Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines (SOAP) and the Dept. of Agriculture (DOA) have successfully propelled people to start living a healthier lifestyle. While food binging remains to be acceptable on special occasions, ...

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Picnic and Family Time at Don Limone in Tagaytay. Always a Good Idea!


by Lizette Barretto-Gueco, via FoodfindsAsia.com | Is it just me and my hormones or is it becoming unbearably hot in Manila? Any idea of bringing down your body temperature is always a welcome one. Taking in a refreshing drink or submerging yourself in your swimming pool or bathtub, usually does the trick but only momentarily.  You want something that will ...

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