Sleeping Tips for Small Business Owners


by Rey Beltran | Sure, you’ve been busy. There are so many things to do! But you need sleep in order to function well. A 6- to 8-hour of sleep is needed for our body to fully recover. Much less than 6 hours would render a lot of us cranky. (Although there are those who sleep 4 hours a ...

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77-year-old Korean MERS survivor speaks to CNN

77-year-old MERS survivor speaks to CNN

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) – She’s 77 and has chronic asthma. But Kim Bok-soon has also survived MERS, the mysterious virus that’s spreading in South Korea and putting thousands in quarantine. Ten people have now died from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in South Korea; all elderly with pre-existing conditions. It can kill up to a third of people infected, but somehow ...

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Bill Gates Is Working To Eliminate ‘This’ Threat to Mankind


via Huffington Post | When it comes to the scary calamities that could befall humankind, Bill Gates isn’t too worried about earthquakes, nuclear war or even a life-ending asteroid. But, the philanthropist told Vox, there is one eventuality that especially concerns him: a widespread infectious disease that has the ability to wipe out millions around the globe. “I rate the ...

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