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Which destination has the world’s best food?


(CNN) For traveling foodies, local cuisine is as important as the destination itself when planning a trip. To highlight the most popular cuisines on the planet right now, we asked CNN readers to vote for their favorite culinary destination in an open Facebook poll. Clearly, Asian food is on people’s minds these days. That or we have a lot of readers ...

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7 of the Most Beautifully Designed Restaurants in the World

Clockwise from top left: The Jane, Antwerp; Raw, Taipei; Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Paris; Asea Lounge, Santorini

by Charmaine Mok | While we’ll never be said to favour style over substance, there is always a place in our eyes for a beautiful restaurant – a place to see and be seen in. So we’re excited that this year’s Restaurant and Bar Design Awards shortlist has just been announced, and as usual it has served up an impressive collection ...

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Why Metro Southerners Flock to Chicken N’ Chops

CNC for those oh-so-yummy takeouts

by Homerun Nievera, SouthofMetro.com | Metro southerners seem to get fatter each day as new food spots sprout around the Paranaque and Las Pinas areas. One particular quick-serve resto is CNC — or Chicken N’ Chops. There are currently three branches of CNC: BF Las Pinas (main road), BF Paranaque (near the Resurrection Church), and Dona Soledad in Better Living (across ...

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Fiesta Season is Almost Over But the Food Lingers

Lechon [photo credits: Andrew Tadalan, PDI PHOTO]

by Ana Margarita Olar, via FoodfindsAsia.com | Fiesta fever is almost over but the food served across the provinces have lingered in our minds. Having been to several of the local celebrations, I can say I have sampled (read as: feasted) the all-time favorites and even took time to write them down. Here are some of the local Fiesta festivals ...

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Organic Dining at Tapenade at Discovery Primea


by Ana Marie Aran, FoodfindsAsia.com | Several international and local food campaigns like Meatless Mondays, Mindful Eating and Slow Food Movement coupled with the tireless efforts of Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines (SOAP) and the Dept. of Agriculture (DOA) have successfully propelled people to start living a healthier lifestyle. While food binging remains to be acceptable on special occasions, ...

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Your No-Fail, No-Brainer Pasalubong: BongBong’s Piyaya and More!


by Daisy Rose Ann Tercenio, Foodfindsasia.com | Ever wondered how superb products could be if they have been perfected for 30 years? BongBong’s has been producing Bacolod’s finest delicacies for 30 years now. If there is anything else this product could be improved on, well, they can touch the packaging but when it comes to recipes? No way. They are all ...

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Picnic and Family Time at Don Limone in Tagaytay. Always a Good Idea!


by Lizette Barretto-Gueco, via FoodfindsAsia.com | Is it just me and my hormones or is it becoming unbearably hot in Manila? Any idea of bringing down your body temperature is always a welcome one. Taking in a refreshing drink or submerging yourself in your swimming pool or bathtub, usually does the trick but only momentarily.  You want something that will ...

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Bake and Brew Cafe — The ‘Little Gem’ of Better Living


by Anton Padua, SouthOfMetro.com | It was Edna’s passion for baking that led to the birth of Bake & Brew Café. It is a neighbourhood coffee shop located at 24E Saudi Arabia Street, Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque City. When Edna and I had the opportunity to make things happen, our young leaders from our Catholic renewal community who are interior ...

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Revisiting That Trip to Casa San Pablo


by Homerun Nievera, SouthOfMetro.com | What an excuse to get away. It was the summer of 2010 and Manila’s Friendster.com team went on a team-building activity in Casa San Pablo, San Pablo City in Laguna. I took my Sweetie along for the trip. Well, I needed help in case the kids (the Friendster team, that is) went rowdy and needed a ...

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Heavenly Match: When You Add Liquor to Coffee


by Lizette Barretto-Gueco, via FoodfindsAsia.com | Coffee has been a feel good beverage since time immemorial. Alcohol, (as I’m sure we can all relate), can also give a certain happy buzz, even when taken in moderation. So someone, somewhere, sometime, thought that putting them together might make it “The Bomb Diggity!” And it surely is! In ancient history, when coffee ...

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